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Rafał Kotylak - Wydarzenia

Brutal Assault Festival 10 -13 August 2016 Fortress Josefov Czech Republic

Wtorek 10 listopada 2015


The final five bands to close our line-up are funeral doom BLUES FOR THE REDSUN, wild bandit thrash CATASTROFY, prog metalcore FOX TERRITORY, noisy down-tempo post metal NOD NOD (well they go way beyond the genre limits) and promising post-hardcore electronica THE TRUTH IS OUT THERE. Sadly final change to the line-up is HOLY MOSES replacing WHIPLASH, who cancelled all of their European appearances.

Also we would like to draw Your attention to the very few remaining cheap hostel rooms (including shuttle service), that are available here:

And for the last part, first wave of our ‪#‎mybrutalassault‬ campaing is extended till tomorrow, so more fans are gonna have the chance to participate in the contest! For more info follow this link:…/bands-days-another-mybrutalassau…/

Another bands confirmed!

One of the final lineup updates will leave us with only five announced bands but unfortunately starts with bad news as EYEHATEGOD had to postpone all their European appearances including Brutal Assault. They'll be replaced by Latvian sludgy post metal TESA. Next on the lineup are the Hungarian Soulfly-style-epigones EKTOMORF and a handful of Czech bands. These however are no fillers, make sure to check them out! First double death metal combo lead by the same mastermind: BRUTALLY DECEASED and HEAVING EARTH. The first are playing classic Swedish death with their own twist to it, they got their third album on the way and deffo are not just a plain retro but a true powerhouse of their own! The 2015 album Denouncing the Holy Throne by HEAVING EARTH was one of the best death metal records of the last year, especially if you are into blasphemous but yet thoughtful part of the DM spectre. Another great addition to the line-up are Prague’s own experimentators DEMIMONDE who are returing after a 15 year hiatus. The single “The Event Horizon” from their upcoming album was released earlier today and is heralding yet another piece of avantagarde metal science fiction. PERFECITIZEN will unleash a whirlwind of their unique death grind mix which they call blastcore. Three MetalGate records bands to finish this update, electronic metal crossover LIVEEVIL, technical death metal KEEP ON ROTTING and thrashing death ANTIGOD!

Line-up update with 1349, Perturbator and Kronos

Norwegian black metal tornado 1349 will once again whirl a massive cauldron of chaos at Brutal Assault fest! Also returning after his successful performance last year is French master of retro futuristic synth dark wave PERTURBATOR with his new album The Uncanny Valley. Two bands of different spectre of death metal will join us, namely French BDM savagery KRONOS and long running Italian progressive band SADIST. One of the most interesting bands in the current Polish black metal scene THAW will also play BA 2016 alongside legendary Czech thrashers DEBUSTROL and a new Frantisek Štorm (of Master's Hammer fame) project MORTAL CABINET.

Black Friday announcement with ABBATH, MOONSORROW and GRAVE!

This time we’re about to bring more orthodox stuff to the table, starting with Norwegian giant gone solo ABBATH! The aptly named DARKENED NOCTURN SLAUGHTERCULT will perform their blood soaked ritual at this BA. We are also welcoming the pagan veterans MOONSORROW. Germans DUST BOLT bring thrash metal as well as their partners in crime LOST SOCIETY from Finland. Blasphemous Polish death metal act EMBRIONAL will be part of the line-up as well as Swedish melodic doom/death act OCTOBER TIDE and lycanthro punk originators WOLFBRIGADE. Fans of modern forms of metal would appreciate young Australian metalcore with mathcore elements JACK THE STRIPPER. American songwriter KING DUDE will perform his dark neo folk. Unfortunate news in the end, NILE had to pull out the fest, however we managed to get two other great death metal acts on the bill to compensate this loss. Namely the godfathers of Swedish death metal GRAVE and the returning turn-of-the-millenium Brazilian prospects REBEALLIUN!

The biggest lineup update up to date is here and brings MASTODON

The world was infested with Czech grind by the turn of the century but if there was one act more bizarre, extreme, catchy but yet smarter than any of your generic gore bands, it was AHUMADO GRANUJO. And guess who just quit their hiatus to perfrom their chemical tekkno infused goregrind at BA 21? Yeah, you got it. Another atypical grind band on our roster comes from Poland and calls itself ANTIGAMA. Seems like we proud ourselves in being an atypical metal fest, right? You bet, that's why we've asked American singer/songwriter CHELSEA WOLFE to perform for you. We have some death metal classics on the list, so to spice things up a bit we are welcoming whale death metal at it's finest aka GOJIRA to the bill. From the hardcore ranks we'll have upcoming stars DEFEATER and proved veterans H2O. The rumours from the last year went true when we've confirmed the returning Norwegian avantgarde pioneers IN THE WOODS… to play BA 21 alongside another Norwegian icon, IHSAHN, who shall return to our fest. For the fans of musical alternative we bring modern guitar wizardry of INTERVALS and pure jamming madness of LIGHTNING BOLT, who won't even perform on a stage... so be ready to experiment! Finally we can confirm that after cancelling all of their live plans last summer, MASTODON will appear at Brutal Assault! And we don't think that there's no need to introduce these rock giants from Atlanta. Closing this major update is French monolith of drone doom MONARCH, Australia-based progressive rock guitarist/vituoso PLINI and YEAR OF NO LIGHT of Bordeaux caves, who combine rock elements with sludge and doom. And don't forget, the early bird edition of tickets on sale is available only 'till the end of April! For more info about tickets please continue here and for purchase please navigate to our e-shop!


New bands with Neurosis!

The immensely brutal power trio of Maryland DYING FETUS will Reign Supreme at Brutal Assault 2016, alongside their labelmates OBSCURA, who will premiere songs from their brand new album Akróasis. From the swamps of Lousiana GOATWHORE will present the incarnation of the old school soul of extreme metal. The influental NEUROSIS will return with their opressive-mood-laden and original mixture of styles. STICK TO YOUR GUNS on the other hand will bring hardcore punk also straight outta California. Rap metal veterans STUCK MOJO will make appearance at BA 2016 as well as modern metal stars TESSERACT and UNEARTH. Sadly Tesseract will serve as a substitution for SIKTH, who once again pulled off our fest because of full US tour they will do in summer. There again is a mutual will to do a show at the very next edition of Brutal Assault. Closing this bill are VENOM INC., who are currently building a reputation of great live version with the true spirit of the original band. Mantas, Abaddon and Demolition Man (the Prime Evil lineup) reformed in April last year and have already toured the world (including China, Japan, Europe and America) with a full and classic VENOM set and proved to everyone they're the true powerhouse!

New bands with Behemoth!

ANIMALS AS LEADERS may currently be the finest progressive / experimental / djent act. Musical prodigy and eight-string guitar wizard Tosin Abasi and his colourful circus of musical variety will debut at Brutal Assault fest. We're pleased to announce, that Polish stars BEHEMOTH will once again be one of the headlining acts at our fest! Californian deathgrind powerhouse CATTLE DECAPITATION will play this year as they had to pull off the last time. Samurai bulldozer goregrind commando JIG-AI of the capital of grindcore (Czech Republic of corpse) will smash brains and commit seppuku while on the other hand KNUCKLEDUST will bring their London’s filth based hardcore punk while celebrating 20 years of the band; all that without any lineup changes. Also comming from the UK, MITHRAS are experimental death metal act and their music is full of cosmic visions and ambient atmosphere. Recommended for fans of Morbid Angel, Gorguts, Immolation or Nocturnus. Possibly the hottest act in the nowadays black metal underground is returning to our fest. Make sure to catch MGŁA on the main stage this time. MONO are instrumental post rock stars of Japanese alternative scene and will debut our fest alongside MUTOID MAN – a project of Ben Koller (Converge, All Pigs Must Die) and Stephen Brodsky (Cave In). Also debuting at Brutal Assault will bet the returning MISERY LOVES CO. These Swedish maniacs blended power and melody, aggressiveness and subtlety and still retained the most important aspect - the song. When the band first signed to Earache, they were a relatively new name to many, but within a few months they had rightly become acknowledged as one of the mightiest discoveries of '95.

Fresh confirmed bands with VOIVOD, EYEHATEGOD & SIKTH!

This time we start with caveman battle doom, from the swamps of mythical Hyborian ages comes English doom hammer CONAN! Considered by some an ugly bastard spawned by Black Sabbath and Sun O))), they’ve defined their own sound on the split with Slomatics and their debut EP Horseback Battle Hammer. Industrial metal/EBM stars DIE KRUPPS will join us alongside legendary southern bastards EYEHATEGOD, who will claim their repugnant dopethrone for the first time at our festival! Next a band that formed entirely new vision of progressive metal at dawn of our milenium, SIKTH! These guys were supposed to play last year but their studio schedule prevented them from doing so in the end. But the wait was totally worth it, the new EP Opacities is again a gamechanger, or at least a piece that bursts with creativity and technical skills and oscillates between madness and classical musical approach. Controversy sprouting Niklas Kvarforth and his Swedish enslemble SHINING will take part as well as Norway’s own SLAGMAUR, who will honour us with one of their extremely rare avantgarde black metal shows. A big name in the end, VOIVOD! VOIVOD seem to be in perfect shape ever since Canadian guitar hero Daniel Mongrain (Martyr, Cryptopsy, Gorguts) has joined their ranks to replace the sadly deceased Piggy and will celebrate the musical greatness of various genres.


Next bunch of newly confirmed bands is here. Among the acts confirmed for the next year are Australian metalcore stars PARKWAY DRIVE and legendary NY deathmetallers IMMOLATION! We're also proud to announce that icon US based death metal act ANGELCORPSE has reformed and will perform BA 2016! Leading groove metal formation DEVILDRIVER will also play next edition and the same goes for Swedish death dealers TRIBULATION and early millenium prospects DISAVOWED, who will present their extreme technical death metal! American progressive thrashers VEKTOR and crossover thrashers IRON REAGAN are closing this batch!

A massive lineup update is here!

The first band in this batch comes from Belgium and is revolving around Sven de Caluwé – yes we’re talking about the butchers from ABORTED! Returning to the festival after many years are ARCH ENEMY, this time with the notoriously blue haired singer Alissa White-Gluz as a frontwoman! We’re also extremely pleased to welcome Swiss masters of technical thrash CORONER to the line-up for the first time! Pioneers of the Gothenburg scene DARK TRANQUILLITY will appear at Brutal Assault 2016 alongside one of the hottest bands in modern extreme genres ESKIMO CALLBOY. If you’re an old school death metal fan (escpecially in the vein of Leprosy by Death) we have GRUESOME for you. For the fans of experimental music on the other hand we have HYPNO5E from France and Norwegians LEPROUS, who have already played our fest as Ihsan’s live band. Esoteric atmosphere laden bands will be represented by Portugese legends MOONSPELL and and the American Egyptologists NILE! Florida death metal scene will not by represented by it’s dispiles GRUESOME but also by the mighty co-founders OBITUARY, who are in a magnificent shape! Not only the last time announced Insomnium will represent the finnish version of melodic death metal, they will be joined by OMNIUM GATHERUM. The final unholy trinity of black metal acts consists of TAAKE, SATYRICON, who will perform a 20th Anniversary Nemesis Divina set, and of SIGH from Japan!

Some of you might consider it odd, that we have controversial black metal act TAAKE of Norway on this years' roster, since some of you have their 2007 third reich symbol scandal on mind. We've been thinking about this for at least two years. These things are against our principles and our policy and we think these things have no place in metal nor in daily life. We're still opposed to intolerant ideologies of all kinds. However this TAAKE case is a bit different. The band itself has nothing in common with political ideologies nor haven't the band's artistic course been shaped by a political ideology. We consider this live performance incident of the singer a stupid provocation, that was already punished years back. Everyone has a right to change their opinion or to mess something up and change his ways afterwards. A lifetime persecution is an instrument of undemocratic regimes. The band has been claiming not to be political act since 2008 and has apologized for the incident several times. Nine years after we came to believe that this was a one-off foolishness and we've decided to give TAAKE a chance to play Brutal Assault 2016. If you don't believe in their reforming, we ask you to understand our stance. The motto of the festival is still against violence and intolerance and this will remain.

Brutal Assault to announce first bands; hotels packages, VIP camp etc. to go for sale!

We're about to announce first bands for the 21st edition of our fest! The first known headliner is going to be a legendary Al Jourgensen’s industrial act MINISTRY. Just a reminder, the next year of Brutal Assault will be held between 10th and 13th of August 2016 again in the old army fortress Josefov in the Czech Republic.

Marathon of extreme music will offer the best from various metal genres, in total more than 100 bands from around the world. This all during 4 days and on 3 stages. Confirmed bands up to date consist of:


More than 80 bands to follow!

We're also launching pre-orders for our hotel packages. Available are single rooms, double and twin rooms and a very limited capacity of tripple and quadruple rooms. Rooms are available from hotels Alessandria and Cernigov and all the rooms in hotel Alessandria will undergo reconstruction before the festival. The hotel packages include shuttle service from hotel to the festival ground and back, buffet breakfest and a free 4-day pass for the natural grandstand with a view on both main stages.

Also up for sale is the VIP camp, parking and natural grandstand! To maintain better control over the natural grandstand we've decided to remove the natural grandstand pass from the VIP camp package and enable the electronic presale. The price is 6€ for whole festival.